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The Vodafone Village in Milan is the largest and most important Italian headquarters of Vodafone where thousands of people work and where critical technological infrastructures that require a high degree of protection reside.


Vodafone needed a reliable and fully automated perimeter security system for the Village in Milan.
Crisma Security has implemented, based on the indications of Vodafone, an Integrated Active Perimeter Security system with automatic detection of intrusions, geolocation and tracking of intruders with PTZ.


We ask Paolo Sciarappa, Vodafone Project Manager: what was Vodafone’s need for the protection of the Village?

We needed a perimeter security system that could really control the wide spaces of the Vodafone Village in Milan, reducing the operator’s activity to only cases of actual need. The solution therefore had to meet the following requirements: high security standards, integration with existing anti-intrusion systems, configuration flexibility, reduced number of false alarms in any environmental condition, geolocation of the target, low aesthetic, installation and maintenance impact.

What was the result achieved?

The security of the Vodafone Village, replies Sciarappa, has reached extremely high levels of reliability and quality, thanks to the innovative features of the implemented solution that allows you to view the position of intruders on the map in real time and the possibility of following their movements with the function automatic tracking. The operator’s intervention was thus traced back only to cases of actual stay of vehicles or people in the controlled areas. The great potential of the system emerged especially at night.

The entire area of the Village was protected with an extremely small number of Thermal Radar sensors and SightLogix thermal cameras which, having a high detection range, made it possible to reduce installation points, with a consequent reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs.

The system also guarantees extreme configuration flexibility in defining alarm policies, allowing very precise mapping, in line with Vodafone’s security needs and an extremely reduced number of false alarms.

What are the main benefits you feel you have gained?

The real-time map visualization of intruders’ movements integrated with automatic tracking with PTZ cameras allows Control Room operators to assess the level of risk and the actions to be taken in a few seconds. We also think that the mobile use of the Thermal Radar, thanks to the reduced consumption and the use of our SIMs for data connection, could be an interesting proposal for our customers as well. Finally, integration with Milestone allows you to benefit from the analysis and graphical representation potential offered by this system.


The Thermal Radar, distributed in Italy by Crisma Security, is a unique and innovative technology for the immediate detection of a potential perimeter intrusion . The Thermal Radar combines the peculiar characteristics of thermal sensors and their ability to see in the absence of lighting, with the characteristics of rotary radar sensors that allow a 360 ° long-range panoramic scan .

More information

The Crisma Security Solution

Crisma Security has designed and implemented an integrated active perimeter security solution using the best technologies available on the market: “Thermal Radar” and “SightLogix” intelligent thermal cameras, integrated with the Milestone Video Management platform and PTZ and fixed context cameras.


The solution implemented by Crisma Security for the perimeter protection of the Vodafone Village is based on the use of Thermal Radar and SightLogix technologies, integrated with the Milestone Video Management platform and with PTZ cameras for automatic target tracking.

Thermal Radar is a unique and innovative technology, capable of providing a 360 ° panoramic thermal image of the site to be protected with advanced video analysis integrated on board, capable of detecting the presence and GPS position of a potential intruder.

A single Thermal Radar can detect a person up to 250m radius and a vehicle up to 350m radius.

The SightLogix intelligent thermal cameras, as well as the Thermal Radar, are able to provide the GPS coordinates of the intruder, a feature not available in standard technologies and essential to be able to intervene promptly and accurately in the event of an intrusion. The SightLogix cameras also integrate several DSPs for image optimization and intelligent analysis of the advanced 3D scene to be able to identify targets with a size of only 16pixels and filter out false alarms.

The use of the Thermal Radar and SightLogix cameras allows the system to operate even in the absence of auxiliary lighting, ensuring optimal operation both day and night, thanks to the ability to detect infrared radiation that is independent of the lighting conditions and with a reduced number of false alarms.

Once the target (person or vehicle) has been detected by the system, through the Milestone XProtect SmartClient console, the Control Room operators view the intruder’s movements on a map and have a Live view of the PTZ cameras that perform automatic tracking. of the target.

The integrated use of top-of-the-range technologies such as Thermal Radar and SightLogix has allowed the achievement of an extremely high level of safety for the Vodafone Village, far beyond that achievable with traditional perimeter protection technologies.

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