The issue of road safety and traffic monitoring is strongly felt, given the constant increase in road accidents that are not easily predictable.

The inclusion of the Free Flow has further complicated the management of the road network as with the removal of the physical barriers to enter the motorway, the risk of going against the traffic increases. Highway dealerships manage thousands of kilometers of roads, with multiple complexities that are as follows:

  • Long motorway sections to manage
  • Traffic conditions, including heavy vehicles, are increasing
  • Weather conditions will be extremely variable
  • Presence of tunnels
  • Presence of free flow

Therefore, the issue of AID (Automatic Incident Detection) is of particular importance for dealerships, who must equip themselves with sensors to detect all these critical situations and provide important information to radio room operators who must intervene promptly.

Automatic Incident Detection
highly reliable

ClearWay is an extremely innovative radar technology for the automatic detection of accidents and anomalous traffic situations distributed in Italy by Crisma Security.

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Radio room operators should be able to detect previous situations in any traffic, visibility and weather situation and to make quick and fundamental decisions about closing lanes, sending emergency vehicles or sending reports on variable message panels .

Traditional technologies that are normally used, such as optical or thermal cameras, suffer a lot from some conditions such as the blinding sun at certain times of the day, rather than long shadows at sunset, strong fogs, rains and poor visibility which can negatively affect the detection of these. situations. In these cases, traditional sensors are not helpful and therefore it is impossible for operators to intervene promptly.

The main problems that motorway operators have to face can be summarized in the following critical situations that must be detected in a very short time:

  • Vehicle stationary on the carriageway
  • Vehicles in the wrong direction
  • Abrupt changes of lane and speed
  • Presence of pedestrians or debris
  • Accidents in tunnels – presence of fumes

The solution proposed by Crisma Security involves the use of Navtech Radar ClearWay technology which was created specifically for the detection of incidents in real time and in any weather and visibility conditions.

Each Radar sensor is able to monitor a motorway section of about 1 km for both carriageways, guaranteeing with an approximation close to 100% the detection of stationary vehicles, in the wrong direction or pedestrians. Working with microwave technology, it does not suffer from the problems related to visibility.

The Radar detects the GPS coordinates of the vehicles and of the anomaly found and sends an immediate report to the Radio room.
It is also able to control a PTZ camera to also have the visual feedback of the event.

Radar is particularly useful in tunnels, as an accident in a tunnel can cause fires. In these cases the water of the hydrants mixed with the hot fumes create an impenetrable fog that inhibits any sensor. The Radar, on the other hand, is able to provide the position of the vehicles inside the tunnel, the direction of the pedestrians attempting to evacuate and the position of the emergency vehicles.



A single sensor to monitor about 1km of the motorway section

No performance degradation in adverse weather and visibility conditions

Preventive maintenance every 5 years

Extremely low number of false alarms

Precise information on the direction and speed of vehicles (GPS coordinates)

Ability to evaluate an event in seconds and to pilot a PTZ thanks to the auto-tracking function

Tunnel accident detection


Many motorway concessionaires, both in Italy and in Europe and around the world, have adopted Navtech Radar Clearway technology for detecting traffic anomalies, effectively protecting thousands of kilometers.


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