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The context: Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport

The Guglielmo Marconi airport of Bologna is one of the most important airports in Italy with a flow of about 8.5 million passengers in 2018 and a rate that has been constantly growing over the last 10 years, confirming the strategic position of the airport.

As part of an adaptation plan of its security infrastructures, G. Marconi airport expressed the need to increase the level of protection on the airport grounds to prevent potential intrusion attempts from the external perimeter.

The solution

The airport looked for solutions that had the following requirements:

  • Possibility of covering the entire airport grounds with a few sensors that had a very wide range and that protected not only the perimeter but also the entire area of the grounds;
  • Use objects that were able to identify everything that moves within the area by providing a graphical display on the map
  • Be integrable with existing systems, easy to configure and maintain
  • To have an optimal functioning even in adverse weather conditions and to guarantee an extremely limited number of false alarms

Following a careful and in-depth analysis of the cutting-edge technologies available on the world market, the choice of the airport fell on Navtech Radar technologies, which cover the entire grounds, and SightLogix intelligent thermal cameras, to cover some sides of the perimeter, and assigned Crisma Security, an Italian company specializing in the design and construction of perimeter security systems for critical infrastructures with a high degree of innovation, the task of designing and implementing an integrated active protection system.


AdvanceGuard by Navtech radar is an extremely innovative technology for the safety of highly critical sites . Compared to traditional perimeter security systems that are concentrated only along the perimeter line AdvanceGuard is able to provide detailed information on the position and number of intruders, both in the vicinity of the perimeter and in the internal areas of the protected site with the possibility of verifying the exact path taken, facilitating the intervention of the Security operators.

More information

The Benefits

The choice of an innovative solution based on Navtech Radar and Sightlogix Intelligent Thermal Cameras has allowed Bologna airport to reach extremely high levels of reliability and security thanks to the innovative features of the implemented solution, which allows the intrusion to be viewed in real-time. , the position of intruders on the map and allows you to follow their movements with the automatic tracking function through PTZ Ultra HD Laser IR cameras.

Coverage of the entire airport grounds

The main peculiarity of the system is that of tracing the position of potential intruders throughout the airport grounds. Compared to traditional systems that only protect the perimeter line, Navtech Radars allow complete coverage of the perimeter area and internal areas.

Perfect in all weather conditions

The radar technology guarantees optimal performance even in adverse weather conditions and works perfectly both day and night even in the presence of fog, rain and snow.

Extreme flexibility in configuration

The system also guarantees extreme configuration flexibility in defining alarm policies, allowing very precise mapping, in line with the airport’s security needs, and ensures an extremely reduced number of possible false alarms.

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