The issue of security in the context of critical infrastructures occupies a place of particular importance in the current scenario, due to the continuous increase in the level of alert with respect to ever-increasing potential risks of attack.

Terrorist attacks, vandalism, sabotage are on the rise and companies are increasingly applying adaptation plans to increase the level of security, aimed at protecting their assets and personnel. From the point of view of perimeter protection and anti-intrusion, the country’s critical infrastructures, such as airports, ports, railway junctions, stations, power plants, gas pipelines, water stations, dams, refineries, data centers and some industrial sites of strategic value, have common elements that characterize them and can be summarized as follows:

  • Particularly extensive perimeters, of tens of km
  • Absence of electricity and data network along the perimeter
  • Localization in easily attackable isolated areas

The protection of such large areas represents a challenge for Security Managers who are faced with repeated intrusions over time with increasingly advanced attack techniques.


AdvanceGuard by Navtech radar is an extremely innovative technology for the safety of highly critical sites . Compared to traditional perimeter security systems that are concentrated only along the perimeter line AdvanceGuard is able to provide detailed information on the position and number of intruders, both in the vicinity of the perimeter and in the internal areas of the protected site with the possibility of verifying the exact path taken, facilitating the intervention of the Security operators.

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The approach normally adopted for perimeter protection involves the creation of a protection line along the perimeter using traditional technologies, such as fences, microphone barriers, cameras, underground cables, etc.

This type of perimeter protection has numerous limitations as the required maintenance activities are very onerous and often, also due to weather conditions, the number of false alarms is very high, therefore the effectiveness and performance of the system degrade over time. Furthermore, since the surveillance is carried out exclusively along the perimeter, information on the position and number of intruders is lost once they enter the site.

In order to create an effective and reliable security system over time for the protection of Critical Infrastructures, a change in approach is necessary, from the protection of the perimeter line only to the protection of the entire site area.


The solution proposed by Crisma Security for the protection of critical infrastructures involves the use of area protection technologies, such as Navtech Radar, Thermal Radar and SightLogix intelligent thermal cameras, integrated in a single management console. The common feature of these technologies is that of being able to detect the position and number of intruders on the entire surface of the site. The high coverage ranges allow a drastic reduction in the number of sensors to be installed in the field with a consequent reduction in installation and maintenance costs.

The detection ranges are as follows:

  • Navtech radar, detects a person up to 1000m radius
  • Thermal Radar, innovative thermal camera that allows a 360 ° view, detects a person up to 250 radius
  • SightLogix Intelligent Thermal Cameras, detects a person up to 600m away

The detection area can be freely defined during the system configuration phase, in order to detect intrusion attempts with high precision only where it is actually necessary.

It is also possible to define alarm policies for time bands and days of the week to guarantee automatic supervision when there is no presence of operators on site.

AdvanceGuard and Thermal Radar protect large areas within the grounds with the help of integrated PTZ cameras for visual recognition of targets, Sightlogix cameras allow the same level of protection in the perimeter lines, the Smart Alarm suite provides a management console unique and integrated, IntelliDetet provides a targeted video analysis on existing cameras and PTZ, Anywall allows the visualization of alarms on the videowall walls.



Reduced number of sensors in the field to protect very large areas

Low maintenance costs

High level of effectiveness of the security system over time

Extremely low number of false alarms

Protection of the entire area of the site and not just the perimeter, with a significant increase in the level of security

Precise information on the positioning and number of intruders (GPS coordinates) both inside and outside the fence

Use of radar systems capable of detecting targets in adverse environmental conditions without degradation of performance even in the presence of fog and rain

Ability to assess the extent of the attack in seconds thanks to auto-tracking capabilities with PTZ cameras

Optimal vision both day and night thanks to the use of high-performance thermal sensors

Ability to receive alarms and view images in real time directly from SmartPhone and Tablet

Possibility of automatic control of drones

Ease of use for security personnel


Many critical infrastructures, such as Telco, Utilities, Oil & Gas, etc., have adopted the technologies proposed by crisma Security for the protection of their sites.

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