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The new Acilia Data Center is TIM’s technological jewel with TIER IV certification. The Acilia data center is the most innovative in terms of security and with the highest degree of reliability in the world.

It consists of 3500 square meters of equipped facilities and located in a large field of about 23 hectares and boasts the highest level of certification of the Uptime Institute, the TIER IV, which means having a reliability index of 99.995%. Millions of data from TIM customers can travel at the speed of light, in optical cables with the maximum guarantee of protection and privacy in the event of blackouts, fires, earthquakes, all in complete respect for the environment.

TIM wanted to equip itself with the most innovative and performing technologies on the market in terms of security as well as data, to ensure maximum reliability in terms of anti-intrusion. According to TIM’s indications, Crisma Security has implemented an Integrated Active Perimeter Security system with automatic intrusion detection, geolocation and intruder tracking with Navtech Radar and Sightlogix intelligent thermal cameras.

The need

The need expressed by TIM was related to a perimeter security system that is truly capable of controlling the large spaces of the Acilia data center, reducing the operator’s activity only to cases of actual need. The solution therefore had to meet the following requirements: high security standards, integration with existing anti-intrusion systems, configuration flexibility, reduced number of false alarms in any environmental condition, geolocation of the target, low aesthetic, installation and maintenance impact.

The Crisma Security Solution

Crisma Security has designed and implemented an integrated active perimeter security solution using the best technologies available on the market: “Navtech Radar” and “SightLogix” intelligent thermal cameras, integrated with the Video Management platform.

The results achieved

The security of the Data Center has reached extremely high levels of reliability and quality, thanks to the innovative features of the implemented solution that allows you to view the position of intruders on the map in real time and the possibility of following their movements with the automatic tracking function. The operator’s intervention was thus traced back only to cases of actual stay of vehicles or people in the controlled areas. The great potential of the system emerged both day and night. Since the site is very extensive, the long-range products installed make it possible to detect malicious acts in real time.

The entire area of the data center was protected with an extremely reduced number of Radar sensors and thermal cameras which, having a high detection range, made it possible to reduce the installation points, with a consequent reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs.

The system also guarantees extreme configuration flexibility in defining alarm policies, allowing very precise mapping, in line with TIM’s security needs and an extremely reduced number of false alarms.


AdvanceGuard by Navtech radar is an extremely innovative technology for the safety of highly critical sites . Compared to traditional perimeter security systems that are concentrated only along the perimeter line AdvanceGuard is able to provide detailed information on the position and number of intruders, both in the vicinity of the perimeter and in the internal areas of the protected site with the possibility of verifying the exact path taken, facilitating the intervention of the Security operators.

More information

The main benefits obtained

The real-time visualization of intruders’ movements on a map allows Control Room operators to assess the level of risk and the actions to be taken in a few seconds. Furthermore, the mobile use of the Radar, thanks to reduced consumption and the use of SIMs for data connection, could also constitute an interesting proposal for TIM customers.


Navtech Radar is an innovative technology, able to guarantee safety over very large areas in any environmental condition, and to detect a person up to 1000m radius and a vehicle up to 2000m radius.

Both the Navtech Radar and the Sightlogix thermal cameras detect the presence and provide the GPS position of a potential intruder and display their movements on a map.

The integrated use of these technologies has made it possible to achieve an extremely high level of security for the TIM data center in Acilia, far beyond that achievable with traditional perimeter protection technologies.

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