Turn cameras into Radar and reduce false alarms

IntelliDetect is a software module developed by Crisma Security, the only one on the market capable of equipping any fixed or PTZ camera with features typical of Radar systems.

Thanks to the use of advanced Computer Vision techniques, it allows to detect and classify targets with extreme precision, reducing the number of false alarms by over 90% compared to traditional video analysis systems.

Once a target has been intercepted, all movements are tracked on an interactive map (eg Google Maps), in this way security operators can follow the movements of intruders in real time within the monitored area.

IntelliDetect is integrated with the main Video Management systems available on the market, including Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center and allows the creation of flexible analysis rules that can be easily adapted to any security scenario including: the ability to define multiple zones analysis, decide the type of target to be detected in each zone (people, vehicles or both), define the activation / deactivation time bands, set alarms based on the path followed by the intruder (e.g. from the outside towards the internal), view alarms in real time and the history of the paths taken by intruders on the map, activate one or more outputs for the automatic switching on of lights or sirens, activate an existing alarm system.

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Intellidetect PTZ

Intellidetect Drone & AI

Technical features

IntelliDetect is available in three different versions:

  • IntelliDetect Standard: can be used with any fixed camera, allows the detection, classification and tracking of targets on the map in real time. A single camera allows detection of a target up to 150m away.
  • IntelliDetect PTZ Scan: can be used with any PTZ camera, it allows the definition of an automatic scan path of the area to be monitored while simultaneously detecting, classifying and tracking targets on the map in real time. A single PTZ camera can 360 ° control the presence of targets within a range of 150-200m.
  • IntelliDetect Validator: it can be used to validate the alarms generated by other systems (e.g. microwave barriers, microphone cable, thermal cameras, radar, etc.), an automatically controlled PTZ camera frames the alarm area and checks for the presence of a potential target, the alarm is forwarded to the operator only if confirmed by IntelliDetect Validator, this technique allows a reduction of false alarms by more than 90%.

IntelliDetect is compatible with any video surveillance system allowing the preservation of the investment on existing systems, but with the possibility of transforming them into latest generation active systems for intrusion detection with typical radar functionality.

IntelliDetect can be supplied both as a software module and as a preconfigured appliance for the management of a certain number of video streams and is compatible with both NVR / XVR based systems and Video Management software systems.

The architecture of the existing system remains unchanged and the integration is intuitive, IntelliDetect produces some additional video streams containing the alarm events that will be acquired in the existing systems as simple cameras or as web pages in the case of the map showing the position of the targets in real time.

The alarms can be propagated to the various systems in two ways;

  • Native integration via SDK available for Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center
  • Integration through alarm Input / Output

All versions of IntelliDetect are equipped with the exclusive georeferencing function of the target that allows you to view the position of the intruder in real time on a Google map.


Transform video surveillance systems into active systems for automatic intruder detection

Works with all fixed and PTZ cameras both analog and IP

Classify and filter the targets (People, Vehicles) by specifying a confidence percentage

It follows the movements of the targets on the map, generating the tracks based on the GPS positions

Eliminate false alarms with advanced filters based on Artificial Intelligence and perspective analysis of the scene

It is integrated with the main market VMS

It manages advanced alarm rules based on the type, position and movement of the targets

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