Thermal Radar

Intrusion detection through panoramic thermal sensor

Thermal Radar, distributed in Italy by Crisma Security, is a unique and innovative technology for the immediate detection of a potential perimeter intrusion.

The Thermal Radar combines the peculiar characteristics of thermal sensors and their ability to see in the absence of illumination, with the characteristics of rotary radar sensors that allow a 360 ° long-range panoramic scan.

The main advantage obtained is to multiply the typical vision capacity of a thermal sensor (15-20 °) towards a 360 ° panoramic scan model. Thanks to the rotation of the sensor, a panoramic thermal image is produced with a resolution of about 5 megapixels, equivalent to that produced simultaneously by 14 thermal cameras.

With a single Thermal Radar it is possible to detect the presence of a person up to 200m radius and a vehicle up to 300m radius, with the possibility of seeing in real time the positioning of the target on the map.

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Thermal Radar Sensors

Thermal Radar sensors are available in different versions which are distinguishable according to:

  • Thermal sensor resolution (320×240 or 640×512)
  • Type of lens

The top of the range version is equipped with a 640×512 sensor with an 18mm lens that allows the detection of a person up to 200m radius and a vehicle up to 300m radius.

Thanks to a sophisticated intelligent video analysis system integrated on board, the Thermal Radar automatically detects the presence and position of a potential intruder in the monitored area with the possibility of defining the sensitivity, the targets to be detected for each area (people and / or vehicles), the activation times. The extremely compact dimensions and low consumption allow the system to be used even with solar panels, furthermore the flexibility of the communication methods of the alarm signals makes the system easy to install and maintain even in remote areas without electricity and data.

The Thermal Radar is also available in a mobile version with installation on a fully autonomous trailer powered by solar panels and battery.

The configuration of the new generation Thermal Radar takes place through the web interface in a simple and intuitive way, through which it is possible:

  • Monitor the operating status of the system
  • Configure the basic parameters
  • Configure the parameters related to the installation location
  • Configure the zones and alarm rules

The Thermal Radar has an extremely low consumption of less than 20Watts and can be powered in POE + mode, has an IP67 degree of protection and an operating temperature range between -40 ° and + 60 °.

The dimensions of the sensor are extremely compact with a weight of less than 3Kg, a height of 25cm and a diameter of 20cm, making it difficult to detect by potential intruders.


360 ° Coverage - A single Thermal Radar is able to cover very large areas with significant savings in infrastructure costs

High performance - High detection range of up to 200m people and 300m vehicles with a single sensor

Low consumption - Operation with solar panel even in the absence of power, thanks to a consumption of less than 20W

Ease of installation and maintenance - Extremely compact dimensions with a weight of about 3Kg

Day & Night operation - The system maintains the same detection performance both day and night

Reliable system - Extremely reliable technology, with IP67 protection degree for operation in any environmental condition and working range from -40 ° to + 60 °

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