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The problem

The perimeter protection of construction site areas in the Oil & Gas, energy or critical infrastructure sectors represents a challenge for Security Managers who must identify a flexible solution, adaptable to different operational scenarios, simple to deploy and reliable.

In order to guarantee the safety of these areas, it is necessary to set up mobile monitoring stations that are able to guarantee: transportability and manageability, operation in the absence of electricity and wired data, simplicity of installation and commissioning, integration with the Control Room, flexibility in setting up the workstation, adaptability to different operational scenarios, coverage of large areas.

In order to respond effectively to these needs it is necessary to prepare an integrated mobile solution that is easy to install at the same time.

The solution

The Mobile Video Surveillance Station proposed by Crisma Security perfectly meets the requirements indicated above, being made up of a modular solution consisting of a mobile cabin for containing the equipment with an integrated pole up to 15m high, an autonomous power supply system with a generator or methanol cells and backup batteries, a kit of solar panels and a detection and video surveillance system.

The Mobile Video Surveillance Station provides different types of set-ups according to the specific project needs; in particular, the following detection systems can be used to prevent potential intrusions: Microwave radar with person detection range up to 1000m and vehicles up to 2000m, Thermal Radar with detection range of people up to 200m and vehicles up to 350m; Intelligent Thermal Cameras with detection range of people up to 600m and vehicles up to 900m; Ultra HD PTZ cameras for automatic target tracking equipped with IR laser with coverage range up to 800m.

The detection area can be freely defined during the system configuration phase, in order to detect intrusion attempts with high precision only where it is actually necessary.

It is also possible to provide for the setting up of an integrated Mobile Control Room complete with operations room and video wall, which collects and manages all the signals coming from the mobile surveillance stations.

The advantage

The Mobile Video surveillance station is well suited to different needs, thanks to the modularity of its components that allow the choice of the detection range and the viewing capacity of the cameras.

Crisma Security has successfully created this type of workstation for the protection of construction site areas in the Oil & Gas sector of international strategic importance.

Among the main advantages of the solution, the workstation guarantees operation in the absence of electricity and data, the ease of relocation and reuse in different operational scenarios, the protection of the entire construction site area and not just the perimeter and ease of use for the security officers.

In addition, with a reduced number of workstations it is possible to protect extensive construction sites and provide precise information on the number and location of intruders and assess the extent of the attack in a few seconds thanks to the auto-tracking capabilities of the PTZ cameras.

The station provides an optimal vision both day and night thanks to the use of high-performance thermal sensors and the ability to receive alarms and view images in real time directly from SmartPhone and Tablet.

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