Intelligent thermal cameras for perimeter protection of industrial plants, photovoltaic installations, power stations, seaports and airports

SightLogix solutions have been deployed around the world to answer the serious outdoor security needs of a wide range of customers in the global security market. SightLogix has developed a uniquely capable outdoor surveillance solution - the SightLogix Outdoor Video System - that enables effective outdoor security management while also lowering costs. SightLogix has built high-profile customer references and strategic industry partnerships in the rapidly expanding global market for automated outdoor security solutions. In September 2011 the SightLogix Outdoor Video System was deployed to protect The new World Trade Center in New York. .
SightLogix technology consists of the following products:
  • Thermal SightSensor:intelligent cameras with both thermal and visible HD sensor;
  • Thermal SightSensor:intelligent termal cameras;
  • Thermal SightSensor XA:intelligent termal cameras with extended FOV;
  • SightTracker: advanced auto tracking system that follows automatically a detected target through SightSensors;
  • SightMonitor: is a configuration management and reporting software application that also checks alarms sent by SightSensors;

SightLogix unique features

SightLogix technology is the result of an intense Research and Development activity made by a team of image intelligent analysis experts who developed some unique features for SightLogix products in order to guarantee excellent performance for perimeter protection of critical areas. Please find below main SightLogix unique features.

On board analysis with DSP

Intelligent SightLogix cameras (Thermal SightSensor, Visible SightSensor) are integrated directly on board with multiple digital signal processors (DSP).
Typically, competitors’ technologies use only one DSP for all analysis activity which impacts considerably on performances.
Please find below the description of DSP features:
  • 3D Image Stabilization:most of the problems that affect video analysis systems are due to scene movements caused by environment disturbs (such as wind, rain, snow, fog, etc.) or by machinery vibrations (trains, airplanes, construction equipment, etc.). 3D image stabilization system eliminates video shake induced by the environment in order to minimize nuisance alarms.
  • Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) Uncooled Microbolometer: detects intrusions in zero light or difficult lighting environments, such as unlit areas near roads and over water in bright sunlight;
  • Image quality optimization:in order to detect a target, all intelligent analysis systems make a contrast difference analysis between the background and the target. SightLogix enables image optimization to guarantee target detection even in difficult situations with low contrast.
  • Image processing for accurate detection of small objects in a background of environmental movement (leaves, reflections, wind-blown objects) :) in order to detect a target, all intelligent analysis systems require that the target occupies a minimum of pixels (detection threshold). Intelligent SightLogix cameras can detect a target even with a minimum of 16 pixels. This feature has a significant impact on the detection range of the system.
  • Security:this feature is dedicated to the management of some security aspects of the system such as images coding, camera access authentication management, anti-tampering system that sends an alarm as soon as someone tries to open the camera (Dry-nitrogen pressurized).

Long-range detection

Thanks to 3 on-board DSP that guarantee in several ways an optimal intelligent analysis of the scene, SightLogix cameras have very long detection ranges, for example:
  • People automatic detection up to 600m
  • Vehicle automatic detection up to 1500m;
  • SightLogix technology has an automatic detection range from 3 to 5 times superior compared to competitors’ technologies.

Target Geo-referencing

Intelligent SightLogix cameras have as a unique feature the capacity of calculating directly on-board:
  • Targets Geo-Positioning coordinates;
  • Target dimension;
  • Target speed;
This information is used to launch alarms according to specific characteristics of the target in order to permit a more accurate analysis and therefore false alarm reduction. Geo-Positioning coordinates are sent to the management system through XML format in order to pinpoint targets on a map. Each camera can geolocate up to 64 targets at the same time.

Low false alarm rate

Thanks to a complex image analysis system based on on-board DSP, intelligent SightLogix cameras can guarantee very low false alarm rates compared to competitors’ technologies.
A research made in equal environment conditions has shown that SightLogix false alarm rates are almost 1/10 compared to competitors’ technologies. This parameter is fundamental for the Security Operation Center that have to manage alarms coming from hundreds cameras installed on remote sites.

Other features

Please find below a list of SightLogix features that though they are not unique they are still very important for the solution:
  • Multiple Field of View options: SightLogix cameras are available with different opticals that support various distance needs
  • Communication: SightLogix cameras are available with different on-board communication modules (10/100 Ethernet, wireless 802.11 a/b/g) to simplify installation activities.
  • Security: communication between cameras and Security Operation Center is made through a coded connection with AES algorithm at 256bit and SSl protocol
  • Easy to retrofit: cameras are compatible with mains NVR systems, in fact video streams are in MJPEG and MPEG-4 format.
  • Toughness: SightLogix cameras are built to withstand outdoor elements (rain, snow, humidity, sand, temperature extremes from -30° to +60°) with IP66 protection.

SightMonitor: configuration management and reporting software

SightMonitor is a configuration and monitoring application for all devices (intelligent thermal cameras and PTZ cameras) in the SightLogix Automated Outdoor Video system.
Through SightMonitor system it is possible to:
  • Display on a map the exact location of intelligent thermal cameras;
  • Display the coverage area of each intelligent thermal camera, through triangles that take into account the FOV, the exact installation point and the detection range;
  • Display alarms list detected from intelligent thermal cameras;
  • Display real time the dynamic position of detected targets (see the image below. Targets are indicated on an air image of the plants (photogrammetry) with a red point).
  • Diplay video streams of intelligent thermal cameras and SpeedDome cameras
Moreover, this system can manage several sites at the same time with a central security features management. For further security, it is possible to set and manage different access profiles. SightMonitor is a web-based system that enables remote operators to visualize and control several sites at the same time.


SightTracker is a GPS-based PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using the geo-registered target and tracking information provided by Visible, Thermal, or WideView SightSensors. .
Thanks to the GPS coordinates calculator feature, this system can:
  • Identify the exact position of targets that are trying to enter the protected area;
  • Control PTZ camera movement in order to keep the target in the registration area and to capture all the details for identification.

SightLogix Demo Video

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