Cameras up to 150Mpixel for face and license plate recognition in urban areas and industrial sites

LOGIPIX is a complex IP surveillance system distribuited in Italy by Crisma Security. Logipix is an end–to–end system comprising the multi-megapixel camera family, the network video recorder and a self-developed Control Center software. 9 and 15 Megapixel sensors used in the Logipix cameras allow a person to observe a much larger area than that analog devices, or those that even traditional megapixel cameras can provide. The Logipix system, including the cameras, network video recorders and monitoring software, use JPEG2000 for video compression. By making use of the unique embedded multi-stream of the JPEG2000, the Logipix system allows the ransmission of multi-megapixel information in the same bandwidth as those used by analog systems.

Logizoom: intelligent zoom, lower bandwidth

LogiZoom is a self-developed recorder side zoom function, which significantly increases the efficiency of the surveillance system. It allows the user to send image details of multi-megapixel pictures stored in the recorder in high resolution to the monitoring center, whilst the rest of the picture is still transmitted in a lower resolution.

The JPEG2000 compression standard used by the Logipix system was developed for high resolution pictures, where scalability is one of the key features. This means that the picture resolution can be scaled down without any having to apply a complicated trans-coding. It also allows for the use of a high resolution surveillance system over a low bandwidth communication channel.

Logipix Main Features

LOGIPIX has competitive advantages against competitors thanks to a wide aggressive offer with professional features, among which:
  • Panoramica cameras up to 150Mpixel and standard cameras up to 15Megapixel
  • Better NIght Vision with 1" sensor
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management with Logizoom
  • Integrated AutoBackFocus feature
  • Local Recording on SATA Hard Dis up to 1Tbyte
  • Usage of JPEG2000 standard for multi-megapixel resolution images management
  • Poin-and-Zoon features for a smart integration with PTZ cameras
  • Wide offer ofcameras, Network Video Recorder and Software
  • Third Party VMA and cameras integration through Onvif 1.0 and Onvif 2.0

LOGIPIX - Sistem Architecture

LOGIPIX Demo Video

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