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ADELean (Anomaly Detection Engine….Lean)

ADELean is a Cyber-Security solution, based on the revolutionary concept of Artificial Intelligence.
It is built on proprietary algorithms developed following on the most recent scientific breakthroughs in the field.

ADELean features:

  • It represents a natural complement to current Cyber Security technology. This is due to its totally data-driven approach, which does not rely on any rule. ADELean is a completely unsupervised behaviour observer, which raises alerts when anomalous things happen. ADELean does not aim to substitute current technology. Its interoperability allows it to consolidate, enhance and bring up-to-date, all past investments in cyber security technology.
  • ADELean does not have predefined boundaries. For example, it can detect both external and internal threats, without requiring any prior directions.
  • It is an autonomous and robust system: it is able to isolate anomalous behaviour after a few hours. It does not require long-term programming or extensive data preparation.
  • ADELean is lean and agile: it requires just a few days to be deployed in production.
  • It is 100% made in Italy.

How ADELean works:

  • Lean Ingestion: traffic data is captured, interpreted and stored directly from network switches. Data is stored according to the Big Data scalability principles. This allows managing huge data streams.
  • Lean Machine Learning: Data is analysed by proprietary algorithms.
  •  Phase 1 – Information extraction by applying sophisticated mathematical formulae.
  •  Phase 2 – Proprietary algorithms are trained to model behaviours and to release anomaly scores.
  • Lean Alerting and Reporting: results are presented inside a detailed dashboard in which anomalies are presented and explained to security analysts. Global statistics are also presented (number of anomalies, top 20, etc.).
  • Lean Tailoring (optional). ADELean is designed to work “out of the box”. That said, it is also possible to adapt it, if required by the customer, to special contexts (ex. SCADA systems, Physical Security, OT) by building ad hoc mathematical formulas.

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